Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excerpt from Return of the Ancient Mariners

Coming in closer, the other boat still in the water, the boys cried out again... something like moogwa...but then again more like moogwanakay ..they raised their spears as they cried, their faces toward the heavens as if pleading. Looking at them in astonishment, we waited for them to lower their spears. After staring at each other for what seemed an eternity, Phil offered them our catch.

At this gesture, their grim faces of stone changed and smiles broke over their bright faces with white gleaming teeth. A shadow covered us momentarily like the shape of a plane but silent, looking up we saw a terrible sight. The wingspan exceeded fifteen foot on the body of the great eagle. Below the breast was white, above dark brown like a golden eagle. The head was like an eagle with a long yellow beak and golden feathers streaked with red and white topped with a crest of golden yellow. The great bird flew past us toward the northeast shore barely flapping its wings. Before we could regain our senses, the two boys were gesturing at us as if we knew the bird yelling... wipajakyti kree kree. Phil pointed toward the cave where we were planning to go.

Tapakanana gestured vigorously with his arms and said Teepu tawaganna!

Somehow we understood that there was something terrible in that direction. So we followed them as they rowed to the direction the great bird flew.

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