Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fifteen thousand years ago, the New World was wild and unfettered by civilization. Forests reached the skies in unbroken ranks facing the glacier onslaught. Bison thundered on the plains, feeding on lush grasses. Ferocious carnivores rivaled the mighty wolf pack,stalking the herds. Flocks of birds blackened the Sun during their migration to the glacier fed lakes. Salmon choked rivers and streams. Wildflowers covered meadows in bright dazzling colors. Tribes of people hunting Nature's bounty wandered free and exuberant in the glory of Earth and Sky. Back in the 21st century, Tim and Phil journeyed into the wilds of Oregon. Being experienced outdoorsmen, they thought they knew about the nature of hunting and fishing in the fields and streams of America. Until one fateful day their conception of the Wilderness would change forever.

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